Kirkus Reviews calls the book--

"A practical, thought provoking primer to help teens make more informed decisions about pot smoking."


"Take the step of giving your teen the book, or having the talk they desperately need. It could be the most valuable thing you do for your son or daughter."

Beverly D. Flaxington Author of the bestseller,  UNDERSTANDING OTHER PEOPLE

Marijuana--  In the United States you will find it almost everywhere. As of today the use of cannabis for medical purposes is legal in 33 states, plus the territories of GuamPuerto Rico, and the Northern Mariana Islands, and the District of Columbia,. The question is: If you are a Parent or Teen, how does it affect your life? Adults have made it legal in numerous states, and like it or not, there are as many Marijuana smokers in the US today as there are cigarette smokers.

THE CANNABIS CRAZE:  A Practical Guide for Parents and Teens is the first book to address teen marijuana use in a straight-forward and useful manner offering parents and teens options for being “smart “about a controversial subject. Written in short vignettes, THE CANNABIS CRAZE neither promotes nor dismisses teen marijuana use. Rather, the book examines ways to navigate the potential dangers and traps of smoking marijuana.

Written for TEENS who are either considering smoking pot or already smoking and PARENTS who are wondering what to do and how to cope, THE CANNABIS CRAZE is a no-nonsense resource guide focusing on harm-reduction and minimizing risks. The book covers a range of subjects associated with teen marijuana use, from peer pressure and addiction to pot-smoking parents.

The book also tackles a unique truth: statistics have shown, “just saying no to drugs” is not effective for most teens. If an adolescent chooses to smoke marijuana, and his or her mind is made-up, it is almost impossible to stop them. If this is true, there is a need for parents and teens to be skillful about the subject. This means, knowing how to dialogue as effectively as possible and keeping the lines of communication open. If we cannot stop our teens from smoking pot, we can at least offer options for being smart: practice making good choices, communicating honestly, and exploring self-knowledge.

For teens, THE CANNABIS CRAZE explores a myriad of issues that may be difficult to talk about, like Why Start?,” "Secrets and Lies," and “Who am I?” For parents, the book offers insight as to what actually happens with their teens and marijuana use and what a "good enough" parent looks like.

For the author, who is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and has worked with teens for over 20 years, the book is meant to serve as a catalyst for further thought and discussion among peers and parents. With color illustrations by award winning graphic artist, Earl Cavanah, the book strives help both young people and parents alike approach and ultimately deepen their understanding about a controversial yet ever-evolving subject. 

As John Evans, author of the distinguished book, MARATHON DAD puts it, "…this conversation is about so much more than weed." 


Marc Aronoff has started a conversation with THE CANNABIS CRAZE that addresses where marijuana fits, and doesn’t fit, in the lives of our teenagers. In the end, this conversation is about so much more than weed.
— John Evans, Family Therapist and author of MARATHON DAD.

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