What inspired you to write this book?

I have worked with teens as a counselor for over 30 years and many smoke marijuana.  I thought it was time for a cool book on the subject.  I figure if one person reads this book and does a “better” job with life and Pot, the book is a success.


Marc, do you smoke Pot?

No.  But, I did for many years as a young man.   When I lived in Europe and New York City, I smoked causally, with friends at parties.   I was a “sometimes smoker” as I call it in the book.


Do you do school visits or author workshops?

Yes.  As a former adjunct professor of Psychology and Philosophy of Education, I enjoy getting into the classroom and facilitating honest and authentic dialogue.  For more information, please write me directly at: contact@thecannaibscraze.com  


Are there other books planned?

Yes. I am currently writing a book geared toward adults who smoke marijuana and how to live a balanced healthy life.