6 Ways to Improve Your Mental Toughness

Stop Blaming Others.  Mentally tough people know how to take responsibility.  Sure, it easy to feel hurt because of other people’s actions or words.  However, mentally strong people know what is their responsibility and what is not.  Take responsibility for what is yours- including your thoughts, feelings, and emotions.  Sometimes things happen that we have no control over, and the most we can hope for is to keep our head above water until the emotions subside.  But, you and only you are responsible for how you respond to life’s stresses.  Remember, self control = self esteem.  You will never see mentally tough people blaming others for messing up their day.  Instead, they take responsibility and accept their responses as their own.

Stop Taking Things Personally.  Mentally tough people strive to take nothing personal, even though it may seem and feel personal.  Whatever other people do or say is a reflection of their character, not necessarily yours. Where needy people see the world and its slights revolving around them, mentally tough people do not take themselves so serious as to think everything that happens is about them.  They recognize, other people have their own unique thoughts, feelings, and actions unrelated to anything personal.

Stop Predicting the Future. Mentally strong people know they cannot predict the future. There is a big difference between setting goals and the actions you will take to achieve those goals versus constantly living in a dream of the future.  How you handle this moment determines your next moment and ultimately, your future.  Focus on what is happening now and how you want to handle the present.  The future will follow without a doubt.

Let Go of Illusions. While we all love to dream, it takes more than a dream to make a dream come true.  More often than not, our dreams do not come true.  It is fine to “dream big” as long as you are incorporating and adapting to the information reality is providing.  Mentally tough people know when to fold and when to keep going.  If you are living in a fantasy world, more likely than not, you may be causing yourself more harm than good.  Denying what is not going so well, is a sure way to keep it going that way.   Never be afraid to take stock of your life and adapt your dreams as needed.

Let Go of the Past.  Mentally tough people know the past is gone.  And, while the past may inform our current feelings and  patterns, the present is where the future unfolds.  The question is, what future do you want to actualize?  You cannot drive a car in reverse for long.  Being human means we will experience losses. Mentally tough people accept the losses, and instead of wishing they could go back in time, they accept the present

Accept Success  This may sound mundane, or a given.  But , mentally tough people believe they are worthy of success.  There may be mistakes along the way, but are you truly ready to accept that right actions will lead to success.  Do you accept your unique talent and ability to cope?  

Self-Improvement is a hard earned battle — and one that is not won overnight. And while sometimes we have to learn how to fine tune our approach and leverage the adversity, sometimes we also have to learn how to get out of our own way.